MD Indoor Shooting Range

Fred’s Outdoors has constructed a state of the art, climate-controlled facility and the most comfortable Indoor shooting range in MD. No matter the weather conditions outside, you will be comfortable year round. We have installed a spacious shooting area with storage and ample counter top space. We have a spacious viewing area for friends and family to observe shooting. 







Range Hours

*Call ahead to see if our hours have changed for any reason*

  • Monday: 12pm-5pm
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 12pm-5pm
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 12pm-5pm
  • Saturday: 9am-5pm
  • Sunday: 9am-3pm

Range Information

-No appointments; first come first serve

*Waitlist opens @9am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday*

-Pistol Lane fee is $25/hour

-Rifle Lane fee is $35/hour
*(2 people per lane)*

-Ammo can either be purchased from our facilities or from another establishment. We have 92 guns available for rental. You may switch guns as much as you’d like for no additional charge!

*pistol rental fee is $20/hour*

*rifle rental fee is $30/hour*

Membership Information

  • Monthly and yearly memberships provide unlimited shooting*
  • Monthly individual membership is $75/month
  • Yearly individual membership is $400/year
  • Yearly family membership is $500/year, which includes you, your spouse, and your children that live at the same address. 

*Range time restricted to 1 hour only if there is a wait*



Shooting Range Rules

(Download Range Rules »)

  1. All firearms must be cased to enter the store and shooting range.
  2. All firearms are to remain in the shooters stall and pointed down range with chambers open when the firearm is not in use. Fred’s has provided storage for participants with multiple firearms.
  3. The stall is to be uncluttered.
  4. No more than two participants per stall. Fred’s has provided a viewing area in which friends/ relatives can observe shooting.
  5. No one under the age of 21, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian while firing a handgun. No one under the age of 18 while firing a long gun. (Hang your targets appropriately! A child cannot shoot at a target hung at an adult height and vise-versa)
  6. Rounds shot into the ceiling, floor and walls will not be tolerated. (Improper target height. Even though you are hitting the target bull’s-eye at close range, as the projectile continues down range it may be too high/ low. PAY ATTENTION)
  7. Dress code: NO flip flops/ open toed shoes, NO tank tops that expose shoulders, NO high heels, NO low cut blouses, T-shirts are permitted (collared shirts must be buttoned up), NO loose or baggy clothing.
  8. Must watch the NSSF Range Etiquette video (see link to video above). Viewing can be completed at home or on premise.
  9. Cross lane firing is not permitted.
  10. Participant’s firearms and gear are subject to inspection
  11. Eye and ear protection is to be worn at all times. These products will be made available on site. Use of your personal eye and ear protection is allowed and subject to inspection. **Anyone who compromises this will be asked to leave. Monthly/Annual members will have their fees prorated and refunded.**
  12. Outside ammo is allowed and subject to inspection at our discretion.

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