Handgun Qualification License

Our class takes place here at the store, Fred’s Outdoors. The class entails three hours of classroom time followed by an hour in the range where each student must fire a handgun. There is no written test however you must prove that you can properly and safely handle the handgun. The fee for the class is due at time of registration due to limited availability and can be paid by calling 301-645-5694 or coming into the store. After completion of the course students will also receive a $25.00 rebate towards the purchase of a handgun and a free-range pass that covers a pistol lane for one hour. The license is good for 10 years once approved.

In order to get licensed to purchase a handgun it is a three-step process (it should be done in this order):

The HQL License is a three-step process:

  1. HQL Class ($120)
  2. Fingerprints ($60)
  3. Application ($50)


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