Fred’s Outdoors is Southern Maryland’s largest tackle retailer! We stock a complete line of freshwater and saltwater fishing supplies. We can provide your fishing needs, whether you are fishing for largemouth on the Potomac River, or Stripers on the Chesapeake Bay. We also carry a variety of live and frozen bait. Call for the seasonal availability of these baits!

Live Bait (Some of these are seasonal items):

    • Blood Worms
    • Nightcrawlers
    • Green Nightcrawlers
    • Bull Minnows
    • Shiners
    • Red Wigglers
    • Lugworms

Frozen Bait (Some of these are seasonal items):

    • Clam Snouts
    • Bait Shrimp
    • Chicken Liver
    • Squid
    • Squid Strips
    • Salted Eel
    • Frozen Peelers
    • Alewives
    • Chum
    • Chicken Necks (1lb or 5lb)
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